Wellness and nature
Give yourself a relaxing break: whirlpool, sauna and Turkish bath for your exclusive use. A pleasure for body and mind.
Qui dovete raccontare il funzionamento della spa, dando particolare risalto al fatto che sia ad uso esclusivo, e che magari sarà offerta frutta fresca e infusi/tè!
Turkish bath
This ritual has ancient origins. It was used in the Roman spas, and then by the Arabs who called it Hammam. They believed that in addition to the body it could also regenerate the spirit.

It purifies and relaxes, decongesting the breath, eliminating dead cells and giving brighter skin.
Whirlpool under the stars
Invented as a "home remedy" to solve a health problem, the whirlpool was created by a Friulian who emigrated to America in the early 1900s.

Today it is used as a cure-all with massaging and circulatory benefits. A treatment that allows the body to release endorphins that can reduce stress, anxiety and muscle tension.
Panoramic sauna
Initially the sauna was designed to have more heat inside the house, through hot stones. In this way the Finns could wash their heavier clothes once they returned from work.

The sauna, thanks to its high temperature, helps the body to expel significant quantities of toxins and to increase the immune system
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